Terms of Use and Community Guidelines

Please take your time to read through the following Terms and Guidelines carefully before using LINKquence.

Terms of Use

Here you will find our General Terms of Use at a glance. By using LINKquence, you indicate that you have read and accept these Terms and agree to abide by and be bound by these Terms. If you do not accept these Terms, please refrain from using the site. LINKquence reserves the right to modify these Terms any time without notice. Thus, the Terms are updated from time to time and apply in the current version as soon as you use our service, even without express consent. The place of performance and jurisdiction is Munich, Germany.


There is no entitlement to use our web service. Maintenance work, technical failures or errors can mean that LINKquence is not available. In addition, despite all efforts, it cannot be completely ruled out that the use of LINKquence will result in damage, for example if third parties try to misuse the web service to spread viruses or the like despite all security precautions. Therefore, we shall have no liability to you for damage resulting from the use of LINKquence.

In principle, we are not liable for third-party content that can be accessed via LINKquence. Checking such third-party content is neither possible nor intended. Of course, we distance ourselves from all content that is relevant under criminal or liability law or that offends morality. We will remove the link collection at the latest after notification. We also reserve the right to block the user (who created the link collection).

Processing of Registration Data

When you register with Linkquence, we save personal data (email address, username and password) in a user account. These data and the associated registration are necessary in order to be able to use our service at all.

You can use a pseudonym as your username. After registration, your user authorization is only valid for you personally and is not transferable. You have to provide truthful, accurate and complete information and keep it up to date. You are responsible for a suitable and secure password. Please take all necessary precautions to prevent misuse of your personal access to LINKquence. Should it happen, please contact us immediately so that we can block your user account or solve the problem in another way.

You can find further information on the handling of your data in our data protection declaration here. Please take your time and read through this as well.


Our guidelines serve to protect the LINKquence community and ensure a pleasant user experience. LINKquence can be used to create link collections in order to share content quickly and compactly with colleagues, friends and family. The content is sent in the form of links in an overview and the recipient can access the content by opening the links. The content can be, for example, web articles, documents, or videos.

However, there are some important rules that every community member must follow. Note: In the event of violations, your account may be blocked or information may be passed on to law enforcement.

Sharing links to the following content via LINKquence is prohibited

  • Links or comments on/with discriminatory, racist, sexist or offensive content, including hate speech
  • Links to content that glorifies or dehumanizes violence
  • Links to websites that contain depictions of sexual abuse and child abuse
  • Links to websites that are used to raise funds for terrorist groups or to recruit new members
  • Links to illegal content or the sale of illegal items e.g. firearms, narcotics and drugs
  • Links to harmful misinformation (misleading or factually incorrect information)
  • Links to websites or apps that install malware
  • Links to pornographic content
  • Links to websites or apps that collect login or payment information from users, among other things
  • Links to web resources that can provide unauthorized free access to audio or audiovisual content, full versions of video games, software, or streaming services that normally incur charges
  • Links to defamatory or denigrating content

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